What measures do you take to ensure your business is environmentally friendly?

You might be wondering why a photographer should have to worry about this, but I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to help promote a clean future for the next generation. Thankfully the digital age eliminated the need for film and chemicals, but this does not mean we’re in the clear. Owning my own business means I have total control over my green efforts, and it would be a waste (pun intended) if I turned a blind eye.

I opted for a home office not only for the convenience, but so I could reduce the carbon footprint my business leaves behind. In my home office I use: LED bulbs, energy efficient monitors, outlet timers for equipment, rechargeable batteries in all my gear, refillable ink cartridges, recycled toilet and printer paper, heating and cooling timers, and much more. I typically stay home for lunches instead of carryout or delivery. My fair trade coffee goes in a washable mug and my plant-based lunches go on washable plates (the coffee grounds even get composted!).

While recycling is great, reducing our consumption makes a much bigger impact. For this reason, I have chosen to deliver images digitally instead of via a thumb drive (unless requested). I am also partnering with eco-conscious businesses for prints, albums and more. Even my camera straps are vegan leather. While some of my efforts may seems over the top, this is how I approach all things I care about in life.

So whether it’s for the earth or your special day, I promise to keep going above and beyond.