Can our friends and family take pictures with their cameras?

While my answer is yes, all I ask is that you consider my perspective before making your decision.

An unplugged wedding is a trend that is popular for good reason. It’s where you tell your friends and family to turn off their electronics during the ceremony, reception or both. One benefit of this includes allowing your photographer full creative reign on how the day is remembered. You’re paying me a good amount of money for a skill I’ve worked on for years. Storytelling is my main job description and I can work best with less ‘electronic noise’. That said, I really do play well with others and don’t mind Aunt Karen capturing her memories.

My biggest concern lies in ensuring you have an authentic day to remember. Some choose to have an unplugged ceremony only, giving you the option of allowing electronics after the serious stuff. This allows me to capture honest and heartwarming reactions from your guests, and not their faces half blocked and lit up by the new iPhone Plus.

The choice is ultimately yours as I am willing to work in either condition, but I would strongly recommend an unplugged ceremony if for nothing other than letting everyone live in the moment.