“I chose photography as my career because it makes the world a more beautiful place. Not in the sense of my art having that kind of impact on others, but in the way it allows me to see elegance in the ordinary. One day I hope to tell your story from my perspective!” – Damien



I am Two-Spirit, and for me that means I am a gender-nonconforming indigenous human being! Before I became a full time photographer, I spent 12 years serving in the US Army Special Operations Forces. After active duty, I transitioned to the reserves where I also worked in sales and was highly successful. Time is of the essence, but it felt like I only had time for work! I sacrificed family movie nights, dinners and even holidays. My camera collected dust and my happiness was trending downward.

After an honorable discharge from the military, I earned some of my life back. I attended movie nights once more and even had time for a few shoots. I then left my job to pursue a calling that was there from the start. I developed mnemophobia  (fear of losing memories) at a young age and photography became the literal cure for my disorder. It fills my life with adventure, connection and the art of expression. It’s not my hobby, and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like my job! Photography is a necessity I couldn’t live without.

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I am continually inspired by my clients. I have the privilege of capturing some of their most intimate moments. This has made me a more caring, empathetic and good-natured human being. Working in sales pushed me to constantly take, and it wasn’t until I made photography my full-time job that I could give back something priceless. Today I’m a photographer in the Chicagoland area, but I am available for booking throughout the United States and around the world.

We are a safe space & proudly welcome people of any sexuality, gender identity and skin color!


When Damien asked me to join the Good Omen team, I couldn’t think of a reason not to. Unlike them, I didn’t dream of being a professional photographer. I maintain my weekday job and passion of working surgery in the operating room! It’s what I went to school for and it’s something I truly love doing. Damien and I did portrait work in our leisure and you can see it HERE.

After Damien had trouble finding reliable second shooters, I decided to put the years of training they gave me to work. Not to brag, but Damien is wildly talented – and I’ve been trained by who I consider one of the best photographers in the industry (I might be a little biased). As two codependent, madly in love individuals with a knack for storytelling, we provide an experience that cannot be duplicated. We work as hard in the field as we do in our love, and I couldn’t be happier to share that energy with every one of our incredible clients.

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There’s really no fancy way to say we met in a bar, but despite the unromantic setting, we locked eyes in what would become a life-changing moment of impact. Gabi was shoving fries down her throat like day 100 of the apocalypse and I was trying my hardest not to stare. I wasn’t concerned with her eating habits as much as I felt I was in the presence of a movie star, shining brilliantly and unavoidable. I did what any good photographer would do and I took a picture, a selfie of us after a few rounds of drinks and conversation. I wanted to remember that memory for the rest of my life, especially if I never saw her again.  Fate would have it that we showed up to the same bar the next day, looking for one another unknowingly.

She told me of her two kids, Scarlett and Declan. Their names as unique as the personalities they’re attached to. I experienced true love at first sight not once or twice, but three times in succession. My twin flame, my little beating hearts. These are my reasons to live. Gabi and I would go on to endure trauma and tribulations, learning how to grow up and survive at the same time in an unforgiving world.  These blows that should have broken us instead fortified everything we stand for. We are still here and we recognize the mountains in which we climbed. Much like this business, we grew something from nothing and it ended up becoming everything.

Gabi and I started our relationship on a mutual love for metalcore music. We were ’emo’ kids in high school (no shame) and still headbang together at hardcore concerts like we’re not in our 30s. Don’t let that scare you though, we also love Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey to coincide with our emotional side. And we frequently have dance parties with our kids to Taylor Swift & Marshmello.

Speaking of, we are parents to two little artists and couldn’t be more proud of the direction they’re heading in. Parenthood is our main source of stress, but also love and fulfilment from raising people who will leave this Earth in better condition than they found it. As activists for human rights and the protection of sacred land and waters, we believe it is just as important to pass those values to the next generation as it is to promote that in our lifestyle choices.

At the tail end of 2019, we made a commitment to work on ourselves as guests on this planet. Gabi and I took up veganism and our son Declan decided to become vegetarian. He said he didn’t want to hurt animals just because he was hungry, and I am so joyful for his kind and delicate heart. Our daughter still eats meat, but greatly reduced her consumption in favor of plant-based alternatives. We foster an environment of love, acceptance, equality and sustainability. These are parts of our non-negotiable core, but only scratch the surface on what makes us the unique and talented individuals we are!

Gabi and I are like Marshall and Lily from ‘How I Met Your Mother’. We can communicate with a single brow raise and know exactly what the other is thinking. This kind of communication comes from years of partnership, creating art and coming into our humility.

I believe this special bond allows us to work like no other team can, not only enhancing your special day – but also providing a tailored experience to your every need. We are engaging, bringing out the best smile from every guest in attendance. We are thoughtful, making sure no box goes unchecked. We problem solve, using years of industry talent to ensue the smoothness of your event. This is not just our job, but our way of providing for a growing family of 4. This dynamic puts us in debt to our clients, working our absolute hardest to exceed every need you didn’t even know you needed.

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