I chose photography as my career because it makes the world a more beautiful place. Not in the sense of my art having that kind of impact on others, but in the way it allows me to see elegance in the ordinary. One day I hope to tell your story from my perspective!


Before I became a photographer, I spent 12 years in the US Army. After active duty, I transitioned to the reserves where I worked in sales and was highly successful. Time is of the essence, but it felt like I only had time for work. I sacrificed family movie nights, dinners and even holidays. My camera collected dust and my happiness was trending downward.

After an honorable discharge from the military, I earned some of my time back. I attended movie nights once more, and even had time for a few shoots. I then left my job to pursue a calling that was there from the start. I developed a phobia of losing memories at a young age and photography became the cure. It fills my life with adventure, connection and the art of expression. It’s not my hobby, and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like my job. Photography is a necessity I couldn’t live without.



I am continually inspired by my clients. I have the privilege of capturing some of their most intimate moments. This has made me a more caring, empathetic and good-natured human being. Working in sales pushed me to constantly take, and it wasn’t until I made photography my full-time job that I could give back something priceless. Today I’m a photographer in the Chicagoland area, but I am available for booking throughout the United States and around the world.