How many hours of coverage will I need?

For an average sized wedding (100-150 people), eight hours of coverage is typically enough to capture the tail end of hair/makeup, some detail shots of the reception space and up to the start of the dance party. Our initial meeting will uncover some key answers needed to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Please note: Most guests and bridal parties do not look their most flattering after a long day and hours of dancing. If you want it covered, I don’t blame you – they’re still really fun pictures, but something to keep in mind.

If my wedding day runs late, will you stay longer?

I will never walk out on your wedding. Once your time with me is about to expire, I will ask if you need to extend coverage at the contracted rate. Payment for extra time is due within 30 days of the date.

Can our friends and family take pictures with their cameras?

While my answer is yes, all I ask is that you consider my perspective before making your decision.

An unplugged wedding is a trend that is popular for good reason. It’s where you tell your friends and family to turn off their electronics during the ceremony, reception or both. One benefit of this includes allowing your photographer full creative reign on how the day is remembered. You’re paying me a good amount of money for a skill I’ve worked on for years. Storytelling is my main job description and I can work best with less ‘electronic noise’. That said, I really do play well with others and don’t mind Aunt Karen capturing her memories.

My biggest concern lies in ensuring you have an authentic day to remember. Some choose to have an unplugged ceremony only, giving you the option of allowing electronics after the serious stuff. This allows me to capture honest and heartwarming reactions from your guests, and not their faces half blocked and lit up by the new iPhone Plus.

The choice is ultimately yours as I am willing to work in either condition, but I would strongly recommend an unplugged ceremony if for nothing other than letting everyone live in the moment.

Will we need to provide you with a meal at the reception?

While you won’t be contractually obligated to provide a meal for me or a second photographer, it would be a much-appreciated gesture. Guest downtime is often mine as well since nobody likes a camera in their face when they have a nice plate of food in front of them. Also, I'm vegan since you know - we tell everyone.

What will you be wearing to my wedding?

It might as well be camouflage (it won’t be) because I move around skillfully undetected. You bet I come with dad jokes. In reality, the day is about you and your guests so that’s where I’d like to keep the attention. I will be wearing neutral dress clothing minus the jacket to allow for movement unless you have a specific look request. I fancy bow ties, groomed hair and a nice dress sock (or two).

What happens if you’re sick? Or…you die?

Both questions have the same answer – a predetermined photographer with comparable skill will shoot in my place. Luckily, some of my best friends are wedding photographers, so in the unlikely event I get hospitalized (that’s what it would take to miss your day), you will be covered by a photographer that has my full blessing.

I have yet to miss a photo shoot for any reason.  I attribute this in part to my ongoing sobriety, exercise, and eating a whole-food plant-based diet. I don’t smoke or participate in any life-threatening activities (besides bathing my cats) and my immune system is rock solid after raising kinder gardeners (the germs, oh the germs). Bottom line – your day is my number one priority and I will do everything humanly possible to show up at the top of my game.