What photographic style do you identify with?

I believe in documenting your special day as it unfolds. The less time we spend staging, the more time I’m able to capture genuine and authentic moments. I started my photography career in portraits, where I learned about subject isolation and composition. I take these skills and apply them to the photo-journalistic style I use at weddings to give you a collection that feels both modern and timeless.

Can we provide you with a shot list?

You’d be a lot cooler if you didn’t. But in all seriousness, a shot list is not necessary beyond family groupings. Most shot lists you find online were tailored for someone else’s wedding, meaning it won’t necessarily work for yours. My experience is my shot list, and you should trust that I know what works and looks best.

Natural, unposed images have a certain aesthetic that you just won’t get with the ‘cute wedding day poses’ board on Pinterest. I spent many years as a portrait photographer and I can pose with the best of them, so if that’s something you want too – I will make it happen. I’m here for YOU, which is exactly why I don’t want my head down reading a shot list while I miss all the important stuff happening organically.

Are you a natural light photographer or do you use flash?

I believe in utilizing both natural light and flash to provide the best image possible. In my opinion (and one that is mirrored by many others), photographers who choose not to utilize flash do so because they never learned or don’t want to invest in the time and gear. There is nothing noble about a ‘natural light photographer’. The truth is, you’re giving me your hard-earned money to deliver the cleanest shots I can get. I will use all the tools available to achieve that.

Please note: Not all scenarios call for a flash, and it could even hurt your image if not used correctly.