Do you deliver every image you take?

I’ll answer your question with another question! Do you really need 20 pictures of Aunt Karen blinking? The truth is, every photographer takes shots that are too blurred, blocked, dark or duplicated. Those shots are important because they lead up to the select few, but they are not worth my time or yours.

Please, PLEASE never hire a photographer because you like the outrageously high number of shots they deliver. I am much more deliberate with my framing, taking the necessary time to approach each unique situation. This results in me ending up with less shots than someone who sets it on burst and goes to town, but you’re hiring me because you want quality – not excessive quantity.

How many images will I receive?

I’d rather not give you a set number that you’re going to concentrate on. Every wedding is unique, and I would be weary of a service promising you thousands of images without knowing the details of your day.

On average, I deliver around 60-80 high quality images per hour of shoot time – that’s about an image every single minute. Adding a second shooter will put that number around 100+ images per hour. Good photography takes time. Your eyes must adjust to the moment, your hands moving focus and shifting settings, your feet planting a solid base so the shot is sharp. If I end up with more, you’ll definitely get more – but you want me shooting for the moment and not a number.

How and when will we receive our photographs?

Your images will be delivered via an online gallery where you can share, download and order prints. Turnaround time (on average) for an engagement session is 2-3 weeks and weddings are 6-8 weeks.  I’m told I have some of the fastest delivery times in the area and the industry. Peak wedding season can slightly extend these delivery times.

Note: I personally edit all the images one by one, ensuring your gallery will get the care and attention it deserves.

Do you provide the RAW files from my photo shoot?

Similar to how your baker doesn’t provide you with the extra flour and icing from your wedding cake, I do not offer RAW (unedited) images. This is an industry standard and it would only disservice you by offering an unfinished product. You will receive high resolution JPEG images suitable for printing or sharing.

Do you back up our images? What if they’re lost or damaged?

Rest assured that I have never had a single shot go missing, which is largely attributed to my workflow process. While shooting, your images are saved onto a memory card and immediately backed up on a second card in the camera. Once the shoot is over, the cards are then separated and placed in individual water/shock proof cases. Once at my home office, the images are then copied to 3 separate locations: computer hard drive (on site), external hard drive (on site) and also backed up to the cloud (off site). This meticulous process is repeated every shoot, every time to ensure there is no data corruption or lost files.

If we cancel the wedding, is our retainer refundable?

Unfortunately, no. The retainer is used to reserve your date (the entire day, even for partial coverage in the event you need an extension). Once the contract is signed and deposit is paid, I will not accept another shoot that day. The retainer covers my cost of operation in the case of a cancellation and also guarantees my presence at your shoot.